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Communist system which prevents rights of property and free enterprising, makes passive of human capabilities by denying citizen for the state, restricts fundamental rights and freedoms and alsodeterioratesthe morality and spirituality (faith belief) hadsurvivedfor less than a human lifeexpectancybefore and the Soviet Union collapsed.

Right after that, Capitalist system which has monopolized the exploitation of capital viausury and opportunism,it has turned the people to the democratic robots by taking control of the state, as well as made people slaves with story of globalization and also has seen as permissible all kinds of immorality and despotism such as war, occupation, anarchy, drugs, social evil, mafia and eventually it corrupted andcollapsed.

Communismbanned the interest / usuryand secured the social justice which was correct but it restricted all kind ofenterprisingright of property and freedom which was the wrong.

Capitalism liberalized free enterprise and private property which was correct but it formed its exploitation system by usury and monopolization which was wrong.

Now, there is a need for new system which we called as “the Just Order” that is inevitable.

The subjected system has been prepared according to the following criteria with accepting things which are unanimously true and avoiding things which one of criteria telling wrong.

1- Sanity

2- Positive science

3- Conciseness

4- Historical knowledge and experience

5- Principals of divine religion (Islam)

Therefore we are going to try to write and discuss the principals of the Just Order and we will be waiting for contribution or criticism of both scientists and scholars.

These aspects are;

1. Economic principals and projects,

2. The shape of political and administrative restructure,

3. Science and education system,

4. Morality andreligiousinstitutions and criteria

We are going present explanation of all aspects of the Just Order to consideration of our reads. And we try to explain that the Just Order is not buncombe but it is completely scientific, realistic and original and programs.


The fundamental principles of the Economic System in the Just Order are:

In this Economic System;


1. To prepare general development projects in macro plan and nationwide,

2.To put through efficient investment projects which are able fulfill the needs of country and world standards,

3. To promote support, guidance, and infrastructure services,

Beside above mentioned articles state formed with mutual consensus (Constitutional) that are based on nationalinstitutions and regulations; in other words, state is a structure that includesdemocracy,socialism (in real meaning), andsecularism.


 1- Every type of interest is removed.

 2- Money equals produced goods and services.

 3- Printing money without counterpart shell not be allowed.

 4- Money will be quid pro quo of whether;

  a. Land or farm

  b. Factory or institution

  c. Produced goods and services

  d. Gold or foreign currency

 5- If it is requested commodity will be converted to money any time.

 6- An equal opportunity will be provided and everyone will be treated equally relating to the affairs of economic and commercial services and ventures.

 7- Prices will be set naturally according to the based on demand and supply criteria within the free market economy.

As clearly seen that, money in the Just Order is only a value of produced goods and services and it is necessary just for trade. Money does not need before development. For example, in order to make a bread “wheat, flour, water, salt, yeast, cooker and labor” all we need . Money is only a state document that is an equitable right to consume as much as what was produced. It is likely that the some people ask ‘’ Well, it sounds excellent but how are you going to find that much? This question belongs to people who are unacquainted natural economy.

At the end of World War II, in Germany, the value of money dramatically dropped and a sock price was hundred Deutsch Mark. But Germany wasn’t developed by this piece of paper. They were able to fix the economy by using the both underground and surface resources, engaging good quality of manpower and also preparing the working producing conditions that become a structure.

The Zionist and Capitalist exploitation system emphasized that ’’ capital has thepriorityin the development ’’ Because Money is printed by Zionist investors and they block these papers in the bank then they give these to entrepreneurs as a credit loan with interest. Thus, they exploit the efforts of mankind. Today everyone knows the fact that how ‘’Dollar’’, which is a credit money(green painted paper) that is printed by Zionists, exploit humanity unmercifully.


Firstly let’s clarify the concept of “THE HARD CURRENCY” it is a well-known fact that all the living organism work in order to maintain their existence. With this effort, “production” means working,“consumption” means consuming to stay alive.  In some sense, living creatures must continue their existence with their self-efforts.

Many species such as bees and ants as well as humans have to live in a “community”instead of single. In order to live in community and harmony, it is necessary that the “sum of the goods” that are being produced must be more than the good are being consumed. Otherwise, a situation arises like that “consumption of a commodity that is not produced” which leads to imbalance, blocked out and exhaustion in both Economy and Society.

In a country if everyone consumes as much asamountof what wasproduced,collective production will be equal to collective consumption. So a “natural balance” will be established in that way.

However,to keep this balance assustainable, it is necessary for community to have accumulated surplus goods. In case of disaster such as famine,war,earthquake and fire etc. thedistributionof stored goods will beenabledonly in abalancefor consumption. Additionally, to fill the gap of majority of the population such as children, sick, elderly members of civil servants and public servants who are unable to produce anything, production must be more. It means that“grand total of production has to be more than consumption” in order to engage and protect the economical balance. The situation is usually the case in animal world such as ant and bees which they live in a community. A survey has indicated that bees produce too much honey than what they actually need. When the honey in the beehive becomesinsufficient, bees lose appetite and stopeating instantly. Even though they become under danger of starving to death, they still don’t consume the honey which they stored and saved.

In respect to divine order and natural order, human being enjoy both producing and living (consuming and spending). However it is necessary that “desire of work must be greater than desire of living” because of protecting of the exciting balance as it has been mentioned above. That is the case for animals. In animal world, particularly bees and ants, effort of producing is significantly bigger than the desire for consumption.

However, in nature of human the situation is vice versa. As long as mankind concern, pleasure of living and consumption is more interesting than willing to produce. In other words the humans tend to prefer to make their living comfortable without only effort and hassle instead of taking responsibly and suffering for producing. Tendency of excessive consumption and comfortable living in humans comes from the gifted feature of ability to live not only in a community but also ability of being alone as well as capable of protecting themselves.

That is to say that humans are the part of community and take advantage of all the benefits of the community. On the other hand eachindividualis a different person which has the possibility of survivingindependentlyoutside of the community. Maybe,becauseof this feat that was gifted to be able to recover the personality in the community without getting any weaker. This feature is important and necessary to protect their dignity and protect their own freedom.

For this reason, humans were not just created with the feature that enables them to live in a“collective system”. Besides that humans have taken the beneficial features of creatures that can live alone, therefore, it is unlikely that to establish a Communist system thatruins the dignity and individual’s freedom, it was based on the dream of “collective production, collective consumption, everything is joined” . So, due to it was not convenient for human nature Communism had survived for less than a human life expectancy before and it collapsed.

Assuming, that desire for working and producing had been more than desire for livingand consuming, Marx’s dream of commune would come true. However, the divine power and wisdom has created human such a “keen for living and consuming, such a lazy for working and producing”. But it is required for realization of both suitability for the myth of exam and “race of competition”. This desire for competition feature will provide innovation in terms of spirituality and property, new characters and abilities will be emerged and everyone will earn what they deserved.

There is need for a JUST ORDER and DISCIPLINE to change “wish for living without getting tired,consuming without producing and earning without working” from a harmful to abeneficialway.Now that “property system” in the Just Order hasachievedthis goal.This system is based on the principle of “everyone must consume as much as they produced”. According to that,everyindividualwill have the right to consume as much as they work and produce with halal (legitimate) ways.If so, whoever wantstolivein abettercondition and over-consume they must work and produce more accordingly. Nobody will be entitled to chance and right to “consume without producing” or “consume more than as much as they produce” also this system will be controlled,supervised,enforced by state in the Just Order.

There is a need for an instrument that indicates the amount of supplies which were handed over to the community which it is called as money. Namely, money means valid and official document (instrument) that provides rights to people to consume as much as they produce.n the society, there is a demand for one more rule beside the truth of “consuming as much as produced” in order to protect just order and economical balance. That rule is; ”don’t produce before, don’t consume later”. Otherwise a living in debt situation occurs, which this situation will disrupt the balance of society. Especially the interest causes living a debt situation. If a person get a loan with interest, he/she is considered that he/she has just started to consume without producing. This event will interrupt the natural balance in economy. In a country; with an order of living in a debt and obligated to pay interest for its loans, initially this country will spend all its national wealth next, it will be forced to lend money from other countries and eventually dissolve andcollapsewill be inevitable.

Interest gives right to consume without producing. More precisely interest violates rights of people who produce and work, andgives the others by variety of tricks. If a person puts one million into the bank, and by the end year he will receive one million and half even though he hasn’t produced anything to deserve this half a million which is the interest that to be paid to him/her by deducting from the salaries of people who actually have produced and worked which is an obvious oppression and injustice. Another option is that free money will be printed due to paying him/her interest, which will fuel up the inflation, causedevaluationand an increase in cost of living.

In the Economic System of the Just Order, “the hard currency” is a key for justice andhappiness which shows how much everyone produce goods and services and correspondingly how much they deserve to consume.

The Hard Currency:

Capitalism (the slavery order) has the following five economic microbes in the body;

 1. The INTEREST system which means giving the right to consume without producing.

2. UNJUST TAX LAW that is taxing salaries and income instead of taxing the wealth and the production.

3. EXCHANCE distortion that is constantly dropping the value of national currency against the foreign money.

4. Mentality of MINT that prints credit money.

5. Misapplication of BANK and CREDIT SYSTEM that actually pumps the deposits that were collected in a low rate to the riches.

Here are the outstanding differences between banknote that is known as “Ice Money” which it melts while it is standing still and the in capitals and types of bond.

a) The Hard Currency (money in the Just Order) never lose its value because money is an assessment of right. Reducing the value of money is an infringement of the rights that acquired in a halal (legitimate) way. It is also disrespected to labor and effort and it is the form of the forgery.

b) On this bond / document (the Hard Currency), nothing has been written regards to which goods to be bought. Only amount of purchasing power is written on the bond and the person is able to get the goods they want with this bond.

So that, money is also common measure of value.Actually money is a common tool that is able to measure and compare the goods to each other and also money is bond that states the right of consumption as a return of what was produced.

c) Another difference between the Hard Currency and current valuable documents (money, bond etc) is an ability to buy desired goods from any store.

d) Another feature of the Hard Currency is not having the due date on it, being valid at anytime and anywhere.

e) Another difference of the Hard Currency when it is compared with current valuable documents is not end paid for once, after paying off it remains as “bond and value” and maintains its function.

f) Another important feature is that the Hard Currency belongs to whoever carries it. There is no mention of names such as creditor, debtor on it. It is a bearer instrument.

However name of creditors or debtors are undefined means not available on the Hard Currency but generally all the creditors and debtors are certain who are all citizen and national wealth itself. All the payable goods are available in the markets and shops. Because in the society there is much money in total goods produced, so that everyone has share in the earned money.

Due to MONEY “is a bond that has been received as a return for the produced goods that was delivered to society” the amount of it will be equal to the amount of produced goods in the country. Money will not increase more without producing more. Printing money without producing goods accordingly, naturally will reduce the value of existing value of money andpurchasing power that will cause INFLATION and increasing goods prices.

Goods that are available in a country can be added up as value which is “joint common measurement of value”. Total amount of all available goods in a country when is measured by money is called National Wealth; it is clear that National wealth will be equal the national money.

In the Just Economy prices will not be interrupted and will be based on the free prices. It will be as follows; whenthe goods become decreased, naturally the prices will be increase and amount of manufactures will be produce these goods.Eventually the demand will decrease and the prices will go back to the normal. After that, when the prices become normal accordingly the consumption will get raised so price balance will be automaticallymaintained and protected. In the Just Order, abolishment of product surplus or artificial poverty and increases in prices caused the stocking commercial goods will not be allowed. Considering the preserved value of currency, everyone in the market will resort to turn their goods into cash rather than standing by with the expectation of excessive gains from currency fluctuations. Through such principles, a natural circulation and balance will be generated in all commercial markets. In such a market where no one will be lend money or sell on credit goods and services each other. Therefore, interest rate and due date difference will be considered and this situation will be reasons of the economic disaster.


In the Just Order, credits will be organized as it follows:

1- It will be given under agreements of Profit Sharing Partnership the.(e.g. investment with 5 partners)

a) Capital owners will establish factories and facilities,

 b) Managers will get the right of leadership and management,

 c) Labor and craftsmen will join by work force,

 d) The firm that undertakes the supplying raw material, cooperative or a bank will be considered as partners.

 e) The government also will be one of the partners by supplying the utility like sewage, water, power, communication; making a contribution via general services like data bank and producer promotion; and by providing payless and appropriate area from national areas. Lastly, if need, government will attend by lending interest free credit sufficiently.

For instance, if a factory that is consisted of equal five shareholders produce 1000 bangs of sugar, each partner will have deserved 200 bags.In this case workers, master, manager, capital owner will be encouraged and they will put more effort on producing and earning more because growth in production will enable them to make more money. In the same factory’s workers could say to managers “we can carry out the same job for with 30 friends and you can shift 10 of us from another section”…Therefore the payment can be shared by 30 instead of 40 people and they get more profit. For this reason, the Just Order regards to the system that offers “collective interest rather than a conflict”.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh – peace be upon him) mentioned that; “He was the plaintiff on Day of Judgment that the people who had not given the whole rights to labors.”(Ibn Mājah, Sunan Ibn Mājah. -Babul Acir) what the whole right of labor is understood by the advises of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that is sharing of net income between employers and employees. This practice was kept among the field owners and farmers during the centuries in Anatolia and which is one of the evidence of “partnership economy”. Omar (May Allah be pleased with him) has stated as “Our Prophet had given Khaybar (loated 150 kilometers (93,21 mi) from Medina in the north-western part of the Saudi Arabia)land in return for half of production to Jewish people who could cultivate there.” (Bukhari Muzuraa).

 2- Well-deserved Credit

If people with savings put these surplus money into a bank in case who needs interest-free loan, those people will be entitled to get an interest-free loan “equal to the ratio of amount of money and total time left in the bank”.

 3- Labor Credit

Private and public factories will beentitledtoreceiveadditional creditdependingonthe number of workers in theestablishment.

 4- Pledge Credit

People who are not intent to sell their “durable goods” will be able to get loans in the condition of declaring these goods as a pledge to the state.

 5- Tax Credit

People who pay their tax the on time will be awarded by “Tax Credit” for their contribution to society and national wealth.

6- Investment Project Credits

It will be granted for people who have feasibleand sufficient projects with their confident and competent documents (documents which will be examine in detail in the following chapters).

 7- Salam Bond Credit (Credit of Order)

Salam is a commercial agreement that is applied for small or medium sized businesses and seasonal production which it regards money in advance and goods on credit but tradingslightly cheaper than usual.

In this case, with this credit method, consumer obtains the good in cheaper price and manufacturer becomes entitled to receive interest free loan. This practice will improve the production, by this way stimulate economy and prices will be lower.


Harun Kayacı and Selim Kotil who are Journalists in Yeni Mesaj Newspaper (Turkish Newspaper), both are the bootlicker of Haydar Baş, in their TV program they criticized Professor Dr. Necmettin Erbakan and the Just Order, this nonsense comment was made ‘’ Ignored would be brave ‘’ and then they exhibited their dark ignorance by attacking to the Just Order by evaluating Salam Bond as ‘’ wrapping that requests of America’s global companies and the west into a green bag and introduce the Salam Bond to people as the Just Order.Now pursuer of Professor Dr. Necmettin Erbakan are trying get people to see the bond of SALAM as Islamic Project which is the most brutal practicing in capitalism”

Whereas, they would be that much confused if only they read the Islamic book of catechism (a concise manual of Islamic faith, worship and ethics) and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence resource) at least they would understand that trade was permitted for all Islamic sects (madhhabs) and Islamic scholars (mujtahids)[1]. Of course, that much ignorance would be suit the apprentices of the fake master. Salam: According to resources of Fiqh, itis a contract in which advance payment is made for goods to be delivered at a future date. Especially both farmers and industrialists prefer this type of certain trading system that is permitted under some circumstances. If someone needed money, she/he would like to sell the products before it had been produced, in certain conditions, Islamoccasionallypermitted this type of trade to protect the value of the goods and prevent buyers to take advantage of ill fortune of sellers to seal the deal in low price. When ProphetMuhammadarrived in Medina,he observedthatcrops (dates) of Medina were sold to Jews in a couple of years advance.As he witnessed that thistradebecame a tool of exploitation, so he (pbuh) ordained; “whoever is willing to sell their dates, should sell by specifying measure and weight (of dates) and time of delivery”.[2]Our Prophet converted this trading method (which identically a kind of interest based tool) to abeneficialtrade system.

Salam (Bai Salam more accurately transliterated as Bai us Salam) is a trade method that is selling the product not exist yet, at first glance it doesn’t seem permissible in Islam but in case of desperation it was permitted by our prophet. It is a miracle of having interest free capital also enabling the low-cost production. Both sides have an advantage by this method; customer can buy goods cheaper and seller can meet requirement of cash money. To illustrate, if a manufacturer falls in a cash shortage, manufacturer can sell the goods (will be produced) as parties are agreed with a condition to deliver in a specific date and standards and start to produce with this cash money. This agreement enables to sustainability of production and gives an opportunity to buyer to obtain goods slightly cheaper than usual also fulfills his/her demands.Thisopportunitywas permitted by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in order to protect manufacturers falling in to hands of usurers.

Legitimacy of Salam is sourced and supported by Quran, Sunnah and Ijma (Arabic term referring to the consensus or agreement of the Muslim community). The proof from the Quran isthe verse of Al-Baqarah 2: 282 which is called as verse of the Salam by Abd Allah ibn al-′Abbas (He was one of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh)companions and one of the early Qur’an scholars). The evidence in Sunnah is this Hadith (deeds and sayings of Prophet Muhammad) that: Abd Allah ibn al-′Abbas has reported as; “Upon migration from Makkah, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) came to Medina, where the people used to pay in advance the price of fruit or dates to be delivered over one, two or three years. However, such sale was carried out without specifying the quality, measure or weight of the commodity or the time of delivery. Upon this Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ordained: ‘Whosoever engages in a Salam contract, let him specify a volume or weight for the object of sale, and a definitive term of deferment”.[3] Lastly, as proof of Ijma, Salam is the one of the four permitted trading system in the Islamic Justice.

Salam Bond Credit (Credit of Order):

In shortly, Salam is contract of shopping which the money is paid in cash and products are delivered partially. This is lawful and the stable situation by The Quran, Sunnah and Ijma. It is also necessary and valid in rational, scientific and conscientiously. “Salam is a contract that cost (less than usual price) of the goods (like cheese, fabric etc.) is paid before the production process and delivering it after it is produced”. Namely in this way, the buyer (consumer) can buy the goods cheaper than usual price. The entrepreneur, who catered this credit from banks or consumers as cash and interest free, will have opportunity to enlarge his business. However, In order to keep Salam to stay away from doubt of interest and to be considered as legitimate, it have to meetbelow requirements.

 1- Money must be paid in cash.

 2- Goods have to be given as deferred (minimum for a month).

 3- Prepaid currency and the amount of money must be specified. (45 solid gold 7000 TL, 2000 USA $, 3000 Euro etc.)

 4- All details in respect to quality of goods sold must be expressly specified;

   a) Type (wheat – cheese – fabric etc.)

   b) Nature (domestic wheat, cheddar cheese, cottage fabric etc.)

   c) Amount (300 kg, 5 tin, 170 m. etc.)

   d) Quality rate (super, good, medium, low quality)

5- The exact date and place of delivery must be specified in the contract.

6- The subjected goods must be available at the agreed place and the season in the market.

7- The worth of both goods and money must be in different type and amount in order not to interfere with the interest disease.

With the above mentioned bases the Salam Bond also must comply with the following conditions to not being a kind of interest based trade. These bases were getting from the verses in Al-Baqarah 2:282-283 that was called as Salam verses by Abd Allah ibn al-′Abbas.

A. The Salam Bond must be written (like as Salam Bond or Salam Credit Order),

B. The Salam Bond must be formal and must be under state guarantee,

C. Only specifying debtors name on the Salam Bond, not creditors,

D. The Salam Bond must be prepared as Bearer (payable to cash),

E. If delivery is not made in the agreed time, place, quantity and qualifications, guarantees and pledge must be provided for compensation.

F. There must be a formal organization to control and check compliance with the requirements and standards of subjected goods with subjected the Salam Bond.

Now let’s explain the difference between what makes Salampermissible (as Islamic term “halal”) and useful and what makes interest unlawful (as Islamic term “haram”) and unjust and which Islamic wises and objectives are taken as bases.

Firstly what interest means?

1) Interest; means “gradually increasing debt”:

E.g. giving $1 Million as debt and folding it up increasingly percentage in every month.

2) Interest; means profit which never participates in loss:

Profit/loss participation investment (partnership) is permissible that includes both capital and labor, but if only a partner gives money and demands profit for this capital that is kind of interest.

3) Interest; is an increment and rent that is taken as an extra:

The over payment is interest which is borrowing the same quality goods like wheat, barley, sugar and baying back it with additional same quality of goods.

4) Interest; is gaining from someone else’s loss and it is a credit money:

It is actually that in the Just Order “Money is the return of producing and endeavoring” rather than ‘’Money earns Money” perceptionThe interest is to exploit someone else’s earning without working or producing. In other hand “to gain right of consuming without producing” that is clear injustice and a kind of burglary.

The Differences between Interest and Salam Bond

 a. Interest isto obtain the goods paying the cost later which this practice causes enhancement of the price and the inflation due to late charge.

 In Salam, making payment in advance obtain the goods later prevents inflation and provide price reduction.

 b. Interest causes in “advance consumption” before make a payment of it, so this creates an order of ‘’ living in debt ‘’ and distorts the economy.

In Salam, payment made in advance that leaves the consumption for later. This gives a support to production and encourage it, and creates natural “well-balance living order”.

 c. The Salam Bond in the Just Order represents the goods. Today’s bonds are accepted as “Money” in this case the value of money and its affordability drops.

 d. Loans with interest down size the business and the production also creates high unemployment rate in contrast the Salam Bond is vice versa. That means prevents unemployment, enhances business and production.

e. Just because already Salam bonds are to bearer they are accepted as money. In this case nobody pays attention to loans with interest when they in need for money.

So just Salam system is enough to destroy the homes of interest. That is why this statement is absolutely correct: You cannot shake the Zionist system by an Atomic bomb but it is possible to destroy them by Salam system. This word is not an exaggeration, it is rather scientific and statement of a humanitarian reality.

Let’s answer the frequently asked question about How are we going to obtain the loan in an interest freeorder?

Firstly we should explain the following three aspects:

 1- In the Just Order, besides the economical services, as well the interest free banks that will carry out the loan function will be owned by the state. Of course, those who are willing to set up a bank they will be permitted. However, at the transition period from current system to the Just Order, state guarantee will not be provided for the banks that operates with interest and for their deposits.

2- In state banks that are Qard hassan (good loan/benevolent loan) Institutions, won’t be allowed to import luxury and needless goods and also to black-marketeering which collecting goods during the wealth period and putting them on the market in a period of shortage. Loans will be provided only for investments and production initiatives. This, era of black-marketeering will come to the end.

3- In the Just Order, state will organize and prepare the development plans in nationwide and provide general services such as electricity, water, transportation and defense in macro plan. Almost every management of investment and production will be left to “private sector”.Therefore, credit intuitions will become more important and specialty.

As highlighted above, considering the importance of “Interest free Credit” to be given to who and with what criteria in the Just Order, we must repeat them again.

 1- Profit Sharing Partnership

Sufficient interest free loans will be provided for investments which are established as below;

a) Capital owners who establish factories and facilities,

b) Leaders who are managing these establishments,

c) Workers and crafts man who work in these facilities,

d) Owners of companies and banks who provide the raw material to these establishments,

e) State that provides infrastructure such as sewage, electricity and communication and the general services such as water and electricity etc…

2- Well-deserved Credit

If the people who have money over need put money in an interest free bank account, they can obtain credit as much as their money and account time. For example if a hundred million cash put and waited by a depositor for one year, he/she can use credit from bank for one year or in totally obtains right to use one billion 200 million cash credit for a month. In such a system everybody puts savings into a bank in order to obtain right to access interest free loan. This system means to be executed Qard hassan (good loan/benevolent loan) Institution in Islam by the state guarantee and organization in modern and universal the Just Order.

3- Labor Credit

Private and legal establishments have rights to use “the special work credit” according to numbers of their labors in their factory or workshop. This is a factor that encourages to increase of production and enlarge the business by increasing number of labors.

4- Pledge Credit

The people can use credit by pawning more than half value of their products which have been produced but not willing to be sold.

5- Tax Credit

In Just orderevery taxpayerhas right to use extra credit “as their tax payment”.

6- Investment Project Credits

When entrepreneurs apply for a loan for feasible and sufficient projects they must provide a document that shows qualified to do the job from registered the professional (economic) organization with also a document that confirms ‘’this person is trustworthy‘’ which is provided from the registered moral-religious institutions. By the way, sufficient amount of money will be given to these entrepreneurs as interest free loan/credit. 


1  Diyanet Vakfı İlmihali, Vol.2 pg: 365.

2  Muslim – al-Musaqat 25

3  Muslim- al-Musaqat 25




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